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To know is good. About sexuality.

How many kinds of planes or cars are there? They are different because someone has designed them, with different objectives.

There was a reason for it,

                         Such as the penis are different:

-We can identify our type of penis. If we want. Alright. That is it.


                                      Average Penis Size:

                                                     Occurrence of Erection Angles

angle (º)
from vertically upwards
Percent (%)
of males
0–30  -  upwards5
85–95     90º-horizontal10
                                                   Uncircumcised Penis / Circumcised Penis


                                                                 Male Ejaculation:

                                      Human Reproduction:

                                           Female Ejaculation: This "Maximum" not all women have, for different reasons, some of them tell that never had orgasm always that they had sex (remember that  for woman is not mandatory to have orgasm with ejaculation, they can have orgasm without expelling any liquid ). Men and women can have one or more orgasms in the same sexual intercourse, in general, for women the first orgasm takes a long time to occur and the next and the next they come soon, on the other hand for men the first comes soon and the next and next they take a long time to occur. - To give her this pleasure is necessary for the man be very affectionate. If the man has precocious ejaculation (those who ejaculate soon) or some other problem, he should seek medical advice. One way that helps the men to prolong the time before their ejaculation is: - Do not  be anxious having sex, take your time, for example: Insert your penis into the vagina, and then do a fondness for her and then return to penetrate and then another care, women love true and beautiful words, so you can say them. It is functional.


                                      Female Reproductive System:

                                      Male Reproductive System:



                Animal Reproduction: - How do the animals do? We are humans, and we learn with the Nature too.

- (About Tiger Mating)   Waw!

- (About Wild Rhino)

Oh.It's so good!

Rhino Ejaculation

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